How to dig deep and get your customer to open up in every interview you run

Hannah Shamji

Every big name marketer swears by customer interviews. But no one shows you to run one.

When I studied Psychology at Cornell I learned about structured and unstructured interviews and the art of interview design. But it wasn't until I trained to become a Therapist that I learned how to really dig deep. 

In this 90 ish minute workshop (recording) you'll learn the counselling and behavioural techniques I use to get a customer to really spill. 

These hacks are the same ones I learned in my Counselling training and the same ones I use with therapy clients. You can even use these "tricks" to build quick rapport with clients or make friends out of strangers at networking events.

Who am I? 

I'm Hannah, your instructor. I'm a customer researcher, Cornell psych grad & Counsellor. I've been running in-depth research interviews for almost 10 years now, and I can tell you:

You don't need to be an extrovert or a skilled conversationalist to master customer interviews. You do need to know a few conversation "hacks". 

In this 90 minute video, you'll learn things like:

  • How to navigate a one word response with ease (and how to probe deeper)
  • How to help your customer quickly spill their pains, motivations and needs
  • How to quickly build rapport and tee up a really insightful interview 
  • What interview questions and phrases to absolutely avoid
  • How to guide the conversation and avoid awkward snafus or silence
  • How to ask more pointed questions to get more pointed insight
  • When to ask open questions and when to do the complete opposite
  • When to put words in someone's mouth (and how)
  • When it's a-ok to ask a leading question
  • How to avoid and salvage a "bad" interview
  • How to get your customer past boiler plate responses

Refund policy: 

If you're not fully satisfied with the workshop or if it isn't what you were expecting, reply to the download email (or email me at within 10 days of your purchase and I'll give you a full refund. 

What to expect:

When you buy you'll get 2 emails:

1. A link to the workshop from Gumroad. 

2. An email from me with a self-assessment. DO THIS ONE FIRST. It sounds lame I know but it won't take you more that 2 minutes and this self-quiz will help gauge where you're at with customer interviewing BEFORE the workshop so we can make sure the workshop is ACTUALLY helpful. (You'll fill the same thing out after you watch the workshop.) Up for it?? I hope so!

What people are saying:

"I thought I would just get more interview hacks, but in 90 minutes, I actually understand what's going on in interviews. And Hannah has a degree to back this up. It's kind of amazing."

—Katie Thies, Ecommerce Conversion Consultant

"I was so impressed by her strategic approach to customer research - and how deep she goes in interviews (I had not seen that before!) - I had her teach her skills to my team."

—Aleksandr Volodarsky, Founder & CEO at

"I always felt my customer interviews were missing the mark. Hannah's experience and education gave me real confidence she could help - and her workshop more than delivered. She showed me how to ask questions that unravel feelings and deep insights, so I can write high-converting copy. I'll be reviewing her material again before my next round of interviews."

—Jennifer Dell, Conversion Copywriter

"I thought I was a natural at doing interviews. But Hannah helped me see a lot of things I was doing (that I felt were right and even really smart) were actually NOT the way to approach inquiries with a stranger. Really eye-opening!"

—Rashi Mehra, Product Manager at Copyhackers agency

“Before Hannah’s workshop, I felt very awkward running interviews. I’m an introvert but now I feel way more confident about interviewing, and I actually enjoy interviews now!

—Kranthi Kiran, Founder at

“There’s an art to question design and Hannah knows it. She's really strategic about how to frame every question to dig deep and give us exactly the customer insight we needed to optimize our onboarding. Her work will benefit us far into the future and inform how we can iterate and continuously improve.”

—Jonathan Sinclair, PM at Shopify Plus

Hannah’s Counseling skills made the subtle difference I needed to really get the juicy stuff underneath those initial responses.” 

—Amy Posner, direct response conversion copywriter & coach

This product is not currently for sale.
  • 90 minute video workshop

  • Counselling and psychology-backed techniques that'll get your customers to really spill
  • 90 minute video workshop
  • Counselling and psychology-backed techniques that'll get your customers to really spill
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How to dig deep and get your customer to open up in every interview you run

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